“好莱坞报道”“圆桌会议”原文+自制翻译 part 1

A clear cultural split was evident at this year’s Hollywood Reporter actor roundtable, with three Americans and three Englishmen grouped around the table (plus an English moderator). Even as some of the Americans marveled at the Brits’ training (“Our whole culture is worshipping actors who come from this theater background, ”said Ethan Hawke), the Brits envied the opportunities enjoyed by their U.S. Friends (“Most people,if they were given a part in a Hollywood movie, would jump at it,” said Timothy Spall ). Accents, training and education apart, the six award contenders--Benedict Cumberbatch, 38 ( The Imitation Game ); Hawke, 44 ( Boyhood ); Michael Keaton, 63 ( Birdman ); Eddie Redmayne, 32 ( The Theory of Everything ); Spall,57 ( Mr. Turner ); and Channing Tatum, 34 ( Foxcatcher ) -- found a surprising amount in common.

一个很明显的文化划分出现在了“好莱坞报道”报刊媒体所采访的“圆桌会议”演员中,围着桌子在谈话的那时咱们仨美国演员和仨英国演员组成的小组队(外加一个英国监督调停人)。尽管一些美国人对英国人的专业训练很是赞叹(Ethan Hawke:“我们的整个(美国)文化都特羡慕那些有戏剧背景的演员。”),但英国演员们也同样很羡慕他们的美国朋友所坐享的机会(Timothy Spall:“大多数人,如果得知他们得到了好莱坞电影里的一个角色,都会兴奋地手舞足蹈。”)抛开那些口音、训练和专业教育不谈,这六位奖项角逐者——38岁的本尼Benedict Cumberbatch(模仿游戏),44岁的伊桑霍克Ethan Hawke(少年时代),63岁的迈克尔基顿Michael Keaton(鸟人),32岁的小雀斑Eddie Redmayne(万物理论),57岁的蒂莫西斯波Timothy Spall(透纳先生)和34岁的查宁塔图姆Channing Tatum(狐狸猎手)可找到了一大堆共同语言。


Some of you have played real-life characters. In the research you did, what most surprised you?


Benedict Cumberbatch:What surprised and relieved me was that everything [British code-breaker Alan Turing] brought to us as a scientist was brought about by his interaction with the world -- as a physical body, as a sexually active homosexual man, as an Olympic-standard marathon man and somebody who wasn’t isolated in an ivory tower or this removed brain in a glass jar. He was very in tune with his world, [and] that’s immediately an easier way to understand someone who’s so removed from your capability. It helped humanize a very complex intellectual life. At the end of his life, he was given this sentence after being prosecuted for being gay in the ‘50s in England, and he was given the choice between two years’ imprisonment or two years’ chemical castration through sanctioned estrogen injections. And he chose the latter in order to carry on his work.

Michael Keaton:Pardon me. When you hear that, honestly you almost laugh because it’s like if somebody did an insane, brilliant satire on people’s attitudes toward homosexuality, that’s what you’d come up with. It’s insane.

Cumberbatch:It’s beyond the imaging. Given the choice--

Ethan Hawke:We’re going to make him a bra--






It’s a horrible choice, between castration and prison, but which would you take?


Cumberbatch:Prison, I think. But this man was so driven by his work. I spoke to a colleague of his,who said the doctor gave him the opportunity to implant a slow-release device in his hip that was supposed to stop dosing him after two years, and well past two-years sentence, Alan said, “It’s still dosing me. That’s not really cricket, is it?”