“好莱坞报道”“圆桌会议”原文+自制翻译 part 2

Eddie,how far were you into the process of preparing for Theory of Everything when you met Stephen Hawking?


Eddie Redmayne:It was actually quite far in it. From the second Felicity Jones and I were cast, we’d be wanting to meet Jane [Hawking] and Stephen. But Stephen’s incredibly busy solving some quite hard-core problems out there. (Laughter.) It made it complicated, and then there was a fear: What if when I meet him I realize I got it all wrong? And of course you want approval. And so I went in to meet him, and he now just uses his [single] muscle beneath his cheek, and when he moves this muscle, [his computerized voice program] stops on one letter. So when you spend time with him, there are these long, long pauses. I was horrifically nervous, and I hate silence. And so basically I spent 45 minutes spewing out information about him, to him. It was really chronically disastrous.

Hawke:It’s like one of those Saturday Night Live skits.

Redmayne:It was.

Hawke:You know like [Chris Farley] meeting Paul McCartney.

Redmayne:Yeah. (Laughs.)

Keaton:Didn’t you ask him what sign he was?

Redmayne:Thanks for bringing that up! He was born on January 8, which was [the day Galileo died], and the reason I brought it up is because he makes a big point of the fact that he was born to the day 300 years after Galileo [died]. And so I was telling him this about himself and I said, “I actually was born on January 6.So we’re both Capricorns.”

Channing Tatum:We say such weird stuff when we’re nervous,man.

小雀斑:准备进展确实比较充足深入。当我和Felicity【注:Felicity Jones,英国女演员;在《万物理论》中饰演简·霍金】得到了角色之后,我们就想去见简霍金和史蒂文霍金。但是霍金先生实在是太忙了,他要解决一些高逼格又老顽固的重要问题。(笑声)这样就变得比较麻烦了,而且我还有在担心万一在我见到他后发现我之前的理解是错误的,那该怎么办?想要得到认同可是人之常情啊。于是,我就这样去见他了。他只能动用他脸颊的单块肌肉,每活动一次这块肌肉,他的电脑语音程序就会选择一个字母。所以当你和他在一起时,会发现你们之间的相处会有好多段很长很长时间的停顿。我可真的是超级紧张,我也不喜欢沉默。我大概花了45分钟来把我知道的关于他的信息一股脑儿全告诉他,这感觉真是极其糟糕而且还是慢性长期的。



霍克:像是Chris Farley撞上了Paul McCartney。【注:Chris Farley是从“周六夜现场”走出来的一名喜剧明星;Paul McCartney,Beatles的成员之一,著名音乐艺术家。】






Benedict played him in 2004’s Hawking. Did you see that before you played him?


Redmayne:I had to make a quite hard-core decision about whether to watch it. Ben is an old friend and I’d heard it was extraordinary. And I thought long and hard about it and decided not to -- purely because I thought I’d try and steal his best bits.

Hawke:It’s interesting that you both played this part.

Cumberbatch:It’s amazing. There’s a lot for us to talk about it. I remember being fascinated by the idea of having to face up to something which, in most cases, is a two-to three-year life sentence [Hawking suffers from ALS]. You know you’re locked into a body that’s quickly degenerating.





If you have two or three years to live, what would you do differently?



Keaton:Hang out with Jonah Hill less. (Laughs)

Tatum:Or a lot more. I probably wouldn’t be trying to solve the mysteries of the universe. I don’t know -- just trying to live with people that I love as much as I can.


基顿:至少要跟Jonah Hill出去压马路啊。(Jonah Hill乔纳希尔,美国演员,曾与查宁塔图姆共同出演《龙虎少年队》1和2部。)(笑)



Would you work less?


Tatum:Probably not at all.I love what I get to do. But I thought I throw myself into [movies] so far that I don’t get to experience the rest of the world.

Keaton:I wouldn’t even think about doing a movie.




You certainly at one point turned your back on Hollywood to a degree and move to Montana.


Keaton:Not really. I never turned my back on it, really. I just went through a phase of getting tired of hearing myself do the same old thing. I’d hear the same rhythms and tricks. And frankly, it’s not like someone was knocking on my door with tremendous amount of quality work -- [though] if they had, I’m not sure I would have been particularly interested.