“好莱坞报道”“圆桌会议”原文+自制翻译 part 6

Is it harder when you’re a star? The media picks on every single thing you do.


Tatum:They pick on us all. And I’m talking about “us all” meaning pedestrians. Everyone gets picked on. I don’t think it’s just because we’re up on the screen.



Do you like being a star?


Tatum:I don’t really look at it that way. I’ve been afforded a lot of opportunity in this world and I’ve tried to walk through every door that I’ve been given, and some of them have been great on the other side and other one’s haven’t.



Which doors weren’t great?


Tatum:The pressure of what school is projected as, when you’re growing up -- that going to college is the answer, and to me it wasn’t. I went and I didn’t get it. And I failed at it miserably. And I felt like a failure for it. And so I went and tried to find another door.

Keaton:That’s not a failure at all. To me, that’s a victory. He said, “I’m going to do what’s me.”




Benedict, I’ve always felt you resist fame to some degree.


Cumberbatch:There’s so many strands of it, aren’t there? If you mean being scrutinized in your public life, which isn’t your work; if you mean requirements of your time which distract your focus and your energy from what actually brought you to that point where you’re being distracted, that’s a complete Catch-22: The more work you do,the more attention there is. You try to escape by dissolving into work, and it keeps catching up with you every time you stop because it’s part of the process of work now, to publicize it. But I feel it’s just [about] getting used to it, and knowing how to play with that and have fun, which I do. I really do.

本尼:名气有太多牵绊了,不是吗?如果你是指被大家仔细审查自己的公众生活,而这又不属于你自己的工作范畴之内;如果你是指分散你注意力和精力的一些时间上的需求的话,那就是绝对的Catch-22:你工作得越多,获得的注意力也越多。【注:Catch-22,第22条军规;亦指“不可逾越的障碍”(美国J.Heller小说的书名)】 你想逃离,试着将自己融入工作中,而每停下工作,那些注意力都一直紧跟着你不放,结果现在宣传它都成为你工作的一部分了。但我感觉自己还是在试着去适应它,怎样平衡它又从中得到乐趣。这就是我试着做的,我真正在做。

Do you have a role model whose career you emulate?


Cumberbatch:We talked before the tape was running about Stephen Dillane’s Hamlet when I was 17. That had a massive impact on me -- the sort of essential, quiet, still truth of what he did. Nobody else was Hamlet but him.

Hawke:And then you saw mine!

Redmayne:I’ve never said this to you, Tim, but when I was a kid, one of the first things I saw was A Midsummer Night’s Dream at the National Theatre. Tim was playing Bottom, and it was all set in mud and there was a contortionist playing Puck, this woman.

Spall:I had a French-Canadian contortionist on my back when I was trying to do Shakespearen comedy. And it felt like hell. You’d go backstage and there were people wearing verruca socks, which are worn [to prevent] plantar warts, you know? It was in massive pile of water, and one day somebody came in and said, “You’ve not heard the latest. Someone’s done a poo in the mud.” I said, “What are you talking about? I’m lying in that before the audience comes in!” I went to the stage doorkeeper who had been there for years, wonderful women. I said, “You’ll never guess what I’ve just heard. You know the fairies who are all diving around the mud? Someone’s done a poo in it.” She said, “Oh, we’ve had a phantom shitter at the Royal National Theatre for years.” (Laughs.) Here’s a pantheon of the most brilliant classical actors in the world, and someone was dropping a log in the [mud].

Cumberbatch:I’ve worked in the National Theatre, but I haven’t poo there. I have peed there.

本尼:我们老早之前就说到了我17岁时看的Stephen Dillane版的哈姆雷特【注:Stephen Dillane斯蒂芬·迪兰,英国著名戏剧演员。】,这对我的影响绝对是巨大的。他所表现的要素、宁静还有不变的真实让我相信,在此之前没人可以是哈姆雷特,他就是哈姆雷特。


小雀斑:Tim,我以前还没告诉过你这个。当我还是个孩童时,我记忆中最早的一些事情其一就是在国家大剧院看《仲夏夜之梦》。Tim扮演的是Bottom【注:Bottom波顿,《仲夏夜之梦》中的织工,戏中戏饰皮拉摩斯。】,场景设定在泥浆之中,还有一个女性柔术演员扮演Puck【注:Puck派克,又名Robin Goodfellow好汉罗宾,被仙王派去寻洒花汁。】。