“好莱坞报道”“圆桌会议”原文+自制翻译 part 4

Who taught you the most?


Cumberbatch:My first-ever teacher taught me extraordinary truth by literally line-reading Shakespeare at me, so I can read it like prose. My modern drama teacher opened the doors of American theater to me and the wonders of Mamet and Miller and Tennessee Williams; the whole raft of it. And then, beyond that, you get incredibly nuggets of wisdom -- about being present, about grounding a truth from within. I grew up doing a lot of stuff at school. I went from playing Titania, queen of the fairies, [in A Midsummer Night’s Dream] and Rosalind in As You Like It to playing Willy Loman [in Death of a Salesman] at age 17. So I had this huge kind of showing-off period.

Redmayne:But that’s the thing that drama schools and even schools did in England: You’re playing old people, women, from an early age and you’re pushing the boundaries, particularly in [repertory theater], when you were playing characters that sometimes weren’t your casting type.

本尼:我真正意义上的第一位老师,是通过一行一行地读莎士比亚作品来教我真理,所以我才能自然地读莎士比亚的句子。我的话剧老师让我了解了美国喜剧,教我发现领悟到Mamet,Miller和Tennessee Williams的完全魅力【注:Mamet马梅,即大卫·马梅,美国当代声誉卓著的剧作家、电影编剧。Miller米勒,即阿瑟·米勒,美国著名剧作家,著作有《推销员之死》等。Tennessee Williams田纳西·威廉斯,美国著名剧作家,著作有《欲望号街车》《热铁皮屋顶上的猫》等等。】。因此,你就可以令人难以置信地去挖掘那些智慧——关于活在当下,关于践行真理。我在从学校里学到的东西中逐渐成长,扮演过《仲夏夜之梦》里的仙后Titania,《皆大欢喜》中的Rosalind,到后来有扮演《推销员之死》里的Willy Loman,那时我17岁。我就有了这些可以赤果果炫耀一下的辉煌过去。



What’s the most difficult character you’ve played?


Redmayne:My first professional play, playing Viola in Twelfth Night opposite Mark Rylance. Having had that experience, being able to play people so far from who you are, gives you a sense of where you can go. That’s the other thing: The [British] films that make it over here are often to do with heritage and legacy and history.

Spall:That’s very true, but Hollywood is a broad church. Never, never underestimate how much the British yearn to work in Hollywood. It’s not like, “Oh, darling, we just do it ’cause we’re slumming.” That’s a load of balls because most people, if they were given a play or a part in a Hollywood movie, would jump at it and they’d say, “You can stick Polonius straight up your arse.”

Hawke:Our system isn’t built to teach young people the craft. You know, Julia Roberts came to New York to do a play and of course the critics are gunning for her -- and of course she has no experience. It’s a difficult thing to excel [at], and yet we know there’s a lot to be learned from it because our whole culture is worshiping actors who come from this theater background.

小雀斑:我在我的第一次正式演出中扮演《第十二夜》的Voila,和Mark Rylance一起出演【注:Mark Rylance马克·里昂斯,英国著名演员,曾在话剧《第十二夜》中饰演Viola一角;在小雀斑大学时和他同台演过《第十二夜》。】。自从有了那次经历,你就能扮演与你截然不同的人了,它拓宽了你的领域,指引你表演的方向范围。还有另一件事,在好莱坞制作拍摄的英国电影一般都和遗产、传统和历史脱不了钩。


霍克:我们这儿的制度并非要教年轻人如何演戏,你知道的,当Julia Roberts【注:Julia Roberts茱莉亚罗伯茨,美国著名电影演员。】刚开始来到纽约表演时,那些评论人就开始炮轰她,因为她没有任何表演经验。人很难去精通一件事,我们也从一些事例中得知,我们的整个文化都艳羡那些有戏剧表演背景的演员。

“好莱坞报道”“圆桌会议”原文+自制翻译 part 3

Channing, you initially turned down Foxcatcher. Was it because you didn’t identify with the character?


Tatum:I wouldn’t really say that I turned it down. The movie wasn’t clear to me. But you’re right, I didn’t understand it. I didn’t know what the movie was saying, [but] this was after I’d down, like, my second film, and I just had no idea what I was doing as an actor or as a storyteller or anything.



What’s the biggest mistake you’ve made?


Cumberbatch:Wow, you’re not holding back.

Timothy Spall:I think one of the biggest mistakes you could make is, you think that you know enough -- because you can’t, otherwise you’d stop and you’d just keep repeating yourself.

Hawke:It’s funny. I did a movie, I was about 29 years old. And I was feeling really confident at that time. And I remember being very frustrated with the director because I felt he was an idiot and he was really holding me back from doing the work I wanted to do. I felt this really need to tell everybody that I knew more than they did, you know? And when I think back on it now, I feel so embarrassed. There was a moment, and then a couple of years pass, you turn 30. All of a sudden, I saw hallways of things I didn’t know. And the older I get, the more I would never be frustrated with a director like that. There’s a great Brando quote: “You have to meet every director as your kind of spiritual spouse.” You just have to marry them to make the movie they want to make. If you watch Last Tango in Paris, that is an actor completely committed to that story -- and he’s inside a very dangerous film, a film that deals with erotica. Human sexuality is something nobody wants to talk about on a real, about level: mourning, death, fear of death, fear of getting old, sex. I mean, you’re talking about Turing and being gay, and I can’t help but think about 20 years ago how radical it was for an actor to play a gay person. When River Phoenix was in My Own Private Idaho, this was about a young kid who wants to be gay. It was radical that he was doing that.



霍克:说来很讽刺。我在我29岁的时候拍过一部电影,当时我的自我感觉相当良好,特别自信。我还记得我对导演表现得愤愤不平,因为那时我觉得他是个挡我道的白痴,而且我非常想告诉每一个人我懂的东西都比他们多。当现在我回想那个时候的事时,我感到特别窘迫尴尬。几年过后,你30岁了,突然就有那么一刻,一瞬间,我看到了还有一抹多我不知道的事情。我年纪越大,我反而越不会像对之前那样对待其他导演了。Brando【注:Marlon Brando马龙白兰度,美国传奇演员。】有一句名言:“你必须待每一位导演如你的灵魂配偶。”你需要成为导演的灵魂配偶来拍导演想拍的电影。如果你看过Last Tango in Paris 【注:Last Tango in Paris巴黎最后的探戈,为贝纳尔多·贝托鲁奇执导影片,由马龙白兰度和Maria Schneider玛利亚·施耐德主演。】,那就是一个演员完全地将自己投入进一个故事的例子——他处于一个危险的色情电影故事中心。人类的性是一个没有人会想主动谈及却又极真实的东西,同样的还有:哀悼,死亡,对死亡的恐惧,对衰老的担忧惧怕,性。我是想说,当谈到Turing图灵和同性恋时,我不禁想到20年前,对一个要饰演同性恋者的演员来说会遇到多么全新彻底的挑战。譬如在My Own Private Idaho【注:My Own Private Idaho我私人的爱达荷,是格斯·范·桑特执导的电影,由瑞凡菲尼克斯和Keanu Reeves基努里维斯主演。】中的River Phoenix【注:River Phoenix瑞凡·菲尼克斯(1970~1993),美国著名演员兼音乐家,是同为著名演员的Joaquin Phoenix华昆·菲尼克斯的哥哥。】,这部电影是关于一个想要出柜的青年。在当时,瑞凡那么做是完全全新彻底的。

Today, is there any threshold that you can’t across?


Spall:Pedophilia, probably.



Could you make The Last Temptation of Christ today and get away with it?

如今你们能拍The Last Temptation of Christ【注:The Last Temptation of Christ基督最后的诱惑,由马丁·斯科塞斯执导,威廉达福和哈维凯特尔主演,于1988年上映。】并且能够避开大众责备吗?

Hawke:Martin Scorsese could. It was dangerous at that time. He would have trouble now.

Keaton:The Farrelly brothers might have a hard time.

霍克:Martin Scorsese【注:Martin Scorsese马丁·斯科塞斯,美国著名导演。】可以。那个年代拍这种片很危险,如果是现在的话他估计会遇到麻烦事儿。

基顿:Farrelly兄弟【注:The Farrelly bros法拉利兄弟,是指Peter Farrelly和Bobby Farrelly,俩人都为美国导演编剧制片,都是低俗喜剧的专家,主要作品有《阿呆和阿瓜》等。】可能也有过一段困难期。

“好莱坞报道”“圆桌会议”原文+自制翻译 part 2

Eddie,how far were you into the process of preparing for Theory of Everything when you met Stephen Hawking?


Eddie Redmayne:It was actually quite far in it. From the second Felicity Jones and I were cast, we’d be wanting to meet Jane [Hawking] and Stephen. But Stephen’s incredibly busy solving some quite hard-core problems out there. (Laughter.) It made it complicated, and then there was a fear: What if when I meet him I realize I got it all wrong? And of course you want approval. And so I went in to meet him, and he now just uses his [single] muscle beneath his cheek, and when he moves this muscle, [his computerized voice program] stops on one letter. So when you spend time with him, there are these long, long pauses. I was horrifically nervous, and I hate silence. And so basically I spent 45 minutes spewing out information about him, to him. It was really chronically disastrous.

Hawke:It’s like one of those Saturday Night Live skits.

Redmayne:It was.

Hawke:You know like [Chris Farley] meeting Paul McCartney.

Redmayne:Yeah. (Laughs.)

Keaton:Didn’t you ask him what sign he was?

Redmayne:Thanks for bringing that up! He was born on January 8, which was [the day Galileo died], and the reason I brought it up is because he makes a big point of the fact that he was born to the day 300 years after Galileo [died]. And so I was telling him this about himself and I said, “I actually was born on January 6.So we’re both Capricorns.”

Channing Tatum:We say such weird stuff when we’re nervous,man.

小雀斑:准备进展确实比较充足深入。当我和Felicity【注:Felicity Jones,英国女演员;在《万物理论》中饰演简·霍金】得到了角色之后,我们就想去见简霍金和史蒂文霍金。但是霍金先生实在是太忙了,他要解决一些高逼格又老顽固的重要问题。(笑声)这样就变得比较麻烦了,而且我还有在担心万一在我见到他后发现我之前的理解是错误的,那该怎么办?想要得到认同可是人之常情啊。于是,我就这样去见他了。他只能动用他脸颊的单块肌肉,每活动一次这块肌肉,他的电脑语音程序就会选择一个字母。所以当你和他在一起时,会发现你们之间的相处会有好多段很长很长时间的停顿。我可真的是超级紧张,我也不喜欢沉默。我大概花了45分钟来把我知道的关于他的信息一股脑儿全告诉他,这感觉真是极其糟糕而且还是慢性长期的。



霍克:像是Chris Farley撞上了Paul McCartney。【注:Chris Farley是从“周六夜现场”走出来的一名喜剧明星;Paul McCartney,Beatles的成员之一,著名音乐艺术家。】






Benedict played him in 2004’s Hawking. Did you see that before you played him?


Redmayne:I had to make a quite hard-core decision about whether to watch it. Ben is an old friend and I’d heard it was extraordinary. And I thought long and hard about it and decided not to -- purely because I thought I’d try and steal his best bits.

Hawke:It’s interesting that you both played this part.

Cumberbatch:It’s amazing. There’s a lot for us to talk about it. I remember being fascinated by the idea of having to face up to something which, in most cases, is a two-to three-year life sentence [Hawking suffers from ALS]. You know you’re locked into a body that’s quickly degenerating.





If you have two or three years to live, what would you do differently?



Keaton:Hang out with Jonah Hill less. (Laughs)

Tatum:Or a lot more. I probably wouldn’t be trying to solve the mysteries of the universe. I don’t know -- just trying to live with people that I love as much as I can.


基顿:至少要跟Jonah Hill出去压马路啊。(Jonah Hill乔纳希尔,美国演员,曾与查宁塔图姆共同出演《龙虎少年队》1和2部。)(笑)



Would you work less?


Tatum:Probably not at all.I love what I get to do. But I thought I throw myself into [movies] so far that I don’t get to experience the rest of the world.

Keaton:I wouldn’t even think about doing a movie.




You certainly at one point turned your back on Hollywood to a degree and move to Montana.


Keaton:Not really. I never turned my back on it, really. I just went through a phase of getting tired of hearing myself do the same old thing. I’d hear the same rhythms and tricks. And frankly, it’s not like someone was knocking on my door with tremendous amount of quality work -- [though] if they had, I’m not sure I would have been particularly interested.


“好莱坞报道”“圆桌会议”原文+自制翻译 part 1

A clear cultural split was evident at this year’s Hollywood Reporter actor roundtable, with three Americans and three Englishmen grouped around the table (plus an English moderator). Even as some of the Americans marveled at the Brits’ training (“Our whole culture is worshipping actors who come from this theater background, ”said Ethan Hawke), the Brits envied the opportunities enjoyed by their U.S. Friends (“Most people,if they were given a part in a Hollywood movie, would jump at it,” said Timothy Spall ). Accents, training and education apart, the six award contenders--Benedict Cumberbatch, 38 ( The Imitation Game ); Hawke, 44 ( Boyhood ); Michael Keaton, 63 ( Birdman ); Eddie Redmayne, 32 ( The Theory of Everything ); Spall,57 ( Mr. Turner ); and Channing Tatum, 34 ( Foxcatcher ) -- found a surprising amount in common.

一个很明显的文化划分出现在了“好莱坞报道”报刊媒体所采访的“圆桌会议”演员中,围着桌子在谈话的那时咱们仨美国演员和仨英国演员组成的小组队(外加一个英国监督调停人)。尽管一些美国人对英国人的专业训练很是赞叹(Ethan Hawke:“我们的整个(美国)文化都特羡慕那些有戏剧背景的演员。”),但英国演员们也同样很羡慕他们的美国朋友所坐享的机会(Timothy Spall:“大多数人,如果得知他们得到了好莱坞电影里的一个角色,都会兴奋地手舞足蹈。”)抛开那些口音、训练和专业教育不谈,这六位奖项角逐者——38岁的本尼Benedict Cumberbatch(模仿游戏),44岁的伊桑霍克Ethan Hawke(少年时代),63岁的迈克尔基顿Michael Keaton(鸟人),32岁的小雀斑Eddie Redmayne(万物理论),57岁的蒂莫西斯波Timothy Spall(透纳先生)和34岁的查宁塔图姆Channing Tatum(狐狸猎手)可找到了一大堆共同语言。


Some of you have played real-life characters. In the research you did, what most surprised you?


Benedict Cumberbatch:What surprised and relieved me was that everything [British code-breaker Alan Turing] brought to us as a scientist was brought about by his interaction with the world -- as a physical body, as a sexually active homosexual man, as an Olympic-standard marathon man and somebody who wasn’t isolated in an ivory tower or this removed brain in a glass jar. He was very in tune with his world, [and] that’s immediately an easier way to understand someone who’s so removed from your capability. It helped humanize a very complex intellectual life. At the end of his life, he was given this sentence after being prosecuted for being gay in the ‘50s in England, and he was given the choice between two years’ imprisonment or two years’ chemical castration through sanctioned estrogen injections. And he chose the latter in order to carry on his work.

Michael Keaton:Pardon me. When you hear that, honestly you almost laugh because it’s like if somebody did an insane, brilliant satire on people’s attitudes toward homosexuality, that’s what you’d come up with. It’s insane.

Cumberbatch:It’s beyond the imaging. Given the choice--

Ethan Hawke:We’re going to make him a bra--






It’s a horrible choice, between castration and prison, but which would you take?


Cumberbatch:Prison, I think. But this man was so driven by his work. I spoke to a colleague of his,who said the doctor gave him the opportunity to implant a slow-release device in his hip that was supposed to stop dosing him after two years, and well past two-years sentence, Alan said, “It’s still dosing me. That’s not really cricket, is it?”